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6.5'' Extreme Speakers Club 622 JBL Coaxial

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JBL Club 625SQ 6.5 '' (16cm) Speakerset Coaxial - Sound Quality

6-1 / 2 '' 2-way

The newly developed JBL Club 625SQ speakers are meant to get the ultimate sound quality.

Carbon fiber woofer with Plus One architecture for ultimate sound quality
Edge-driven silk dome tweeter
Adjustable tweeter output level
Incredible Y40 ferrite magnet for higher sensitivity
Starfish Tweeter mount adapter
I-Mount tweeter mounting kit

Functions and features

Carbon fiber woofer with Plus One ™ architecture guarantee ultimate sound quality
Patented (US Patent # 7,548,631) Plus One ™ cones have a larger speaker cone area than other speakers of the same size, making the bass sound louder. The high-quality carbon fiber woofer material ensures accuracy and a clear musical character.

Edge-driven silk dome tweeter
Club SQ speakers feature an edge-driven silk dome tweeter that provides a wider and smoother high-frequency response compared to more common w-domes, and never sounds harsh, regardless of the output level.

Adjustable tweeter output level
The Club SQ speakers provide tweeter output level control from
+ 3dB or 0dB to optimize system linearity based on installation location.

Great Y40 ferrite magnet for higher sensitivity
The Club SQ speakers use the Y40 ferrite magnet for a higher sensitivity compared to the more common Y30 ferrite magnet.

Starfish ™ Tweeter Mounting Adapter
The Club 605CSQ component speaker system features the Starfish ™ tweeter mounting adapter. The Starfish tweeter mounting adapter allows for easy installation of the tweeter behind factory grilles and in locations such as door jambs. It also offers six break-off mounting tabs for different mounting configurations. The tweeter can be mounted on surfaces or can be built in. The tweeter is easily accessible and does not need to be completely removed for maintenance.

I-Mount Tweeter Mounting Kit
The I-Mount ™ (Patent No. 5,859,917) tweeter mounting system allows for easy and versatile installation of tweeters in any of the component systems. Supplied with flat and surface mounting hardware. The 1-3 / 4 "cut-out and 1" mounting depth make installation easy. This allows the tweeter to be mounted flat and tilted up to ± 40 degrees. Swivels are included to hold everything in place, and the tweeter can be without removing the entire system.

Package contents
- 2 x speakers (Club 625SQ)
- 2 x grids
- 1 x foam gasket
- 16 x screws
- 8 x speed clips
- 2 x plastic adapter rings with multiple holes
- 2 x JBL logo emblem


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