Update: Today
No further changes
Orders are still processed daily and there are no other changes so far.

Update: 26-11-2020
Busy with the parcel deliverers
At the moment it is very busy with the parcel deliverers due to the holidays. That is why your order may take a little longer, thank you for your understanding.

Update: 23-03-2020
Different delivery times
Orders are still processed daily. Sometimes an indicated delivery time for an out-of-stock item may be somewhat delayed. Of course you will always be informed about the delivery time.

Update: 20-03-2020
Small change regarding packages
Packages are still shipped with a required signature for you as the recipient. It may be that the parcel deliverer asks you for permission and the parcel deliverer puts a signature himself in connection with the risks of contamination. Orders are still processed daily without delays related to the Corona virus.

Update: 08-03-2020
No changes
Orders are processed daily with no delays related to the Corona virus.